Using the Search Engine

The search engine is designed to allow you to search on either the name or manufacturer of the products.  The search box at the top of the page will search the entire site.  The search boxes which show on each product page will search that particular product category.

Entering the whole or a portion of the game title or manufacturer title will bring back a list of all matches.  For instance, entering Avalon Hill will show you a list of all games by this publisher on the site.  Similarly, entering 1914 will show every game which has 1914 somewhere in it's title or description.

Entering too much information can result in no matches.  For instance, entering End of Empire will bring back Command Magazine #46 with the game End of Empire.  However, entering End of Empire XTR will result in no matches since those words are not listed in that order in the game title or description.

The words entered must match exactly.   For instance, entering Strategy & Tactics 40 will not display a match of Strategy & Tactics #40, but entering Strategy & Tactics #40 will return a result.   Most magazines on the site will use the # sign.  Entering Strategy & Tactics will list every issue of this magazine that we have in stock. 

If you have any questions or see issues with the search function, please let us know.